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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Free Printable General Competency Test Sample Questions (1-100) Part III

Free Printable General Competency Test Sample Questions 2013-14

Free Printable General Competency Test Sample Questions 26-35

Question 26

As the finance clerk for your division, you must obtain the signature of your supervisor on all sick leave forms so that employees are paid for their sick days. Departmental policy states that employees who are absent from work for more than two days must complete Form A-2, and they need to obtain a medical certificate justifying their absence. You must receive these documents by the fifteenth of the month in order to reimburse employees for sick days by the end of the same month. On the fifteenth of the month, your supervisor informs you that many of the forms submitted by employees are incomplete, and that this situation must be rectified. At the same time, your supervisor returns an A - 2 form to you and refuses to sign it because the date on the medical certificate and the date on the A - 2 form are not the same. Your supervisor will not sign the form until the error is corrected, and you are asked to notify the employee.

Your supervisor wishes to emphasize that:
1.Sick leave is a privilege, not a right
2.Forms must be carefully completed
3.The employee must be notified of the error
4.Forms must be submitted before the 15th of the month

Question 27
You are responsible for the supervision of two clerks who identify inactive documents. Your first clerk takes 45 minutes to identify 20 inactive documents. Your second clerk identifies five fewer documents in the same time. Altogether, how many inactive documents will they identify in three working hours?

Question 28
You have been asked to determine trends in spending and to forecast future expenditures in light of past expenditures and price increases.
The steps required to carry out this task are listed below (in the wrong order):
•A. Determine trends in spending.
•B. Study past expenditures and price increases.
•C. Predict future requirements.
•D. Obtain records of past expenditures.
Which of the following is the best order for these steps?

1. D, B, A, C
2. D, B, C, A
3. B, D, A, C
4. B, D, C, A
Question 29
You are an employee in the inquiries unit and you receive the following memorandum.
Government     Gouvernement
of Canada      du Canada
TO: Information Clerk
FROM: Director

Numerous complaints have been received from the public concerning the current reorganization of the inquiries unit within the Department. These complaints have been primarily concerned with the slowness of service. Complaints have also been received about the inaccuracy of the information provided. All complaints pertain to information on trade policy. Please take the necessary steps to become more familiar with trade policy, and please ensure that the reorganization of the unit is completed in your sector as soon as possible. According to this text, problems involving slowness of service and the inaccuracy of information are due to:

1. The reorganization of the unit
2. The reorganization of trade policy
3. Lack of knowledge about the reorganization and numerous complaints
4. The reorganization of the unit and lack of knowledge about trade policy
Question 30
You are a data entry and control supervisor. To reach your production objectives, you hire two clerks on a temporary basis and assign them to data entry at $10 an hour, eight hours a day.

If each employee can produce 50 entries a day, what would be the total cost to produce 500 entries?

1. $500
2. $800
3. $900
4. $1,600

Answers for General Competency Test Level 1 (GCT1) Practice Test 26-35

Q 26 - 2
Q 27 - 4
Q 28 - 1
Q 29 - 4
Q30 - 2
Q 31 - 1
Q 32 - 2
Q33 - 2
Q34 - 4
Q35 - 2
Question 31
You have been asked to arrange for the delivery of various government documents following the Guidelines and Exceptions listed below:
General Guidelines
•All documents sent outside the National Capital Region must be delivered by a courier.
•All documents sent within the National Capital Region can be either delivered by a courier, hand-delivered or sent by regular mail.

•All documents marked "urgent" and sent to the National Capital Region must be hand-delivered.
•All documents sent to Cabinet must be hand-delivered.
Which of the documents below must be hand-delivered?
•A. a non-classified document sent to Cabinet
•B. a document marked "urgent" sent to the Manitoba Legislature
1. A only
2. B only
3. Both A and B
4. Neither A nor B
Question 32
As a mail clerk, you must sort all incoming mail. Registered mail, mail addressed incorrectly (received by mistake), and bills must be given to the senior clerk. Documents marked PROTECTED or RESTRICTED must be brought to the registry office immediately. Also, all outgoing mail must be placed in the appropriate baskets for pick-up or delivery.

In view of the above statements, a mail clerk must:
1. Code registered mail before giving it to the senior clerk
2. Bring restricted documents to the registry office
3. Reroute incorrectly addressed mail (received by mistake)
4. Bring bills to the registry office
Question 33
As a financial clerk, you know that 40 % of the budget is for salaries, 30 % is for business transactions and one-third of the rest is for internal expenditures. The remaining amount is considered financial surplus.

What will be your financial surplus if you have a budget of $100,000?

1. $10,000
2. $20,000
3. $30,000
4. $40,000
Question 34
An employee is required to resolve operating problems and is responsible for monitoring the operational efficiency of equipment. The employee is also responsible for developing or recommending methods to optimize the use of equipment.
Which of the following duties would NOT be part of this job?
1. Maintaining records of machine utilization and records of maintenance to ensure effective use of equipment
2. Establishing and monitoring standards for equipment maintenance
3. Recommending methods that would improve the operational environment
4. Assisting in preparing security assessments and evaluation reports

Question 35
Government     Gouvernement
of Canada      du Canada


TO: All employees

FROM: The Manager

A new telephone answering system will be implemented next month. Each person will have a voice message system which will automatically record messages when he or she is unable to answer the phone. To accommodate all incoming calls, the standard answering message must be bilingual. A short instruction booklet on how to use the voice message system will be circulated next week. The main purpose of this memo is to:

1. Inform employees how to use the new telephone answering system
2. Announce that a new message system will take effect next month
3. Explain when to use the voice message system
4. Emphasize that all answering messages be bilingual


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