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Monday, September 30, 2013

Free and Printable Personality Sample Questions with Answers


New, Free and Printable Personality Sample Questions 2013-14

This is my first part of blog on Free and Printable Personality Sample Questions. In this blog you will see some Personality Questions with answers.


What is Personality?

This is a personality test, it will help you understand why you act the way that you do and how your personality is structured. Please follow the instructions below, scoring and results are on below.


Importance of Personality Testing

A personality test can provide us with a way to categorized different characteristics or traits that we might otherwise not be aware of.

Additionally, this categorization will help us learn how others might react to something in their environment.

These tests can be used for self-reflection and understanding, for job placement, and for learning how to better interact with others in a team or work group.

How to do?

Please print the sheet and try this test

In the table below, for each statement 1-50 mark how much you agree with on the scale 1-5, where

In above table for each statement 1-50 mark how much you agree with on the scale 1-5, where


1=disagree, 2=slightly disagree, 3=neutral, 4=slightly agree and 5=agree, in the box to the left of it.

E = 20 + (1) ___ - (6) ___ + (11) ___ - (16) ___ + (21) ___ - (26) ___ + (31) ___ - (36) ___ + (41) ___ - (46) ___ = _____

A = 14 - (2) ___ + (7) ___ - (12) ___ + (17) ___ - (22) ___ + (27) ___ - (32) ___ + (37) ___ + (42) ___ + (47) ___ = _____

C = 14 + (3) ___ - (8) ___ + (13) ___ - (18) ___ + (23) ___ - (28) ___ + (33) ___ - (38) ___ + (43) ___ + (48) ___ = _____

N = 38 - (4) ___ + (9) ___ - (14) ___ + (19) ___ - (24) ___ - (29) ___ - (34) ___ - (39) ___ - (44) ___ - (49) ___ = _____

O = 8 + (5) ___ - (10) ___ + (15) ___ - (20) ___ + (25) ___ - (30) ___ + (35) ___ + (40) ___ + (45) ___ + (50) ___ = _____

The scores you calculate should be between zero and forty. Below is a description of each trait.

Extroversion (E) is the personality trait of seeking fulfillment from sources outside the self or in community. High scorers tend to be very social while low scorers prefer to work on their projects alone.

Agreeableness (A) reflects much individuals adjust their behavior to suit others. High scorers
are typically polite and like people. Low scorers tend to 'tell it like it is'.

Conscientiousness (C) is the personality trait of being honest and hardworking. High scorers tend to follow rules and prefer clean homes. Low scorers may be messy and cheat others.

Neuroticism (N) is the personality trait of being emotional.

Openness to Experience (O) is the personality trait of seeking new experience and intellectual pursuits. High scores may day dream a lot. Low scorers may be very down to earth.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

How hydration bring top Grade in school and university exam


Research support How hydration bring top Grade in school

One more ben 

What is hydration?

Hydration is critical to good health. This shouldn’t be surprising given that your body is nearly 70% water. Drinking three to four liters of quality water per day will keep you hydrated and transform your health. Staying ultra-hydrated by drinking 3-4 liters of clean, filtered water per day will dramatically improve the way you think and feel.

Why hydration is good for us:

1 Energy

2 Weight Loss

3 Clear Skin

4 Alkalinity & pH Balance

5 Anti-Aging

6. Good memory

When we are hydrated, our cells function optimally, our digestive system works wonderfully and we can remove these aging toxins easily!

Here is very nice research to get good grades- Bringing Water into Exam May Improve Grades.

A new study presented at a psychology conference in London this week suggests students who bring water to drink while they sit exams may improve their grades, presumably by keeping themselves hydrated. The findings are the work of researchers from the University of East London and the University of Westminster and were presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference in London on Wednesday. Dr Chris Pawson, school Leader in Learning and Teaching and a senior lecturer within the School of Psychology at the University of East London, told the media:

The results imply that the simple act of bringing water into an exam was linked to an improvement in students' grades. “While the study did not investigate the reasons behind the results, Pawson speculated there might be several possible physiological and psychological explanations, one being that there might be a direct physiological effect of hydration on thinking ability, and the other, that consuming water might help students calm down and reduce the anxiety that is known to damage exam performance. For their study, Pawson and colleagues recruited 447 undergraduates in three different cohorts and monitored whether they took drinks into exam rooms with them. They also noted the types of drinks they took.They noticed that first year undergraduates were less likely to take drinks into exams than students in higher years.When the exam results came out, they related the marks to whether those students had taken water with them into the exam.

In their analysis, the researchers took into account coursework marks to rule out as far as they could, the possibility that the students most likely to take water in with them were the more able ones.They found that the students who did better in the exams tended to be the ones who took water into the exam room with them.(The researchers did not examine whether the students actually drank the water: so this does not rule out the possibility that the influence may have come wholly or partly from just having the bottle there, rather than actually consuming its contents).Pawson said more research would be needed to tease apart these factors and their underlying explanations.

But whatever the result, he suggests it is probably a good thing for students to try and keep themselves hydrated while sitting exams. Judging from the results of this study, it appears that first year undergraduates in particular need to hear this message.There is an implication here for education policymakers too: whether students, at all levels of education, should have access to drinks during exams.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best Cheerleading Scholarships


Places to get Cheerleading Scholarships

This is my 6th blog on scholarships. In the first blog we saw how to get Free College Scholarship? The potential of winning a free college scholarship should be attainable for anyone who has the motivation to attend college, but needs financial aid. In the second blog we learn lowdown on college scholarships, grants, fellowships, loans and financial. In the third blog we see what the best sports scholarships. In the 4rth blog you will see tips to get financial aid for higher studies.

In this blog you will see what the best Cheerleading Scholarships available for study.

You can find latest info about these  Scholarships by searching in web for each name below:

Cheerleading is a unique sport that relies less on recruiting and past performance than tryouts to determine not only who will make the squad, but who will be up for scholarship opportunities. The sport is high-profile and demanding, despite a public perception that cheerleading is less athletic than other sports like basketball or soccer, and competition is most fierce at schools with well-known and high-performing cheerleading programs.

In few other sports is there more pressure to not only participate in competitions, but to win championships and accolades to be considered for spots on squads at schools with big athletic programs. Cheerleaders at the highest level are more marketable to those big schools, and the top cheerleaders must not only be stellar athletes with tumbling skills, but have a presence that gets a response from the crowd. Most scholarships in the sport are awarded directly by the cheerleaders’ intended colleges, although if you look hard enough, cheer organizations and associations – such as the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) and the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE) – also offer awards to athletes looking to pursue the sport on the college level. While there is less funding available to cheerleaders than football players, for example, programs with established cheerleading programs that win competitions will be more generous than schools without a cheerleading tradition.

For additional information about cheerleading scholarships and awards based on different criteria, try conducting a free college scholarship search at

Davis Law Group Scholar Athlete Program

Application Deadlines: Varies

Scholar Athlete Program recognizes exceptional student athletes that are performing well in the classroom and on the field. To register for the scholarship, students need to apply online or be nominated by a coach, teacher, parent or friend. Students must be a senior in high school, currently attend a Washington State High School, have a 3.0 GPA or higher and participate in a sport.

Webber International University Athletic Scholarship

Application Deadlines: Varies

The Athletic Scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the athletic department in football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, golf, softball, cross country, baseball, track and field and cheerleading.

Furman University Athletic Scholarships

Application Deadlines: Varies

The Furman University Athletic Scholarships are partial to full scholarships awarded in 17 men's and women's intercollegiate sports. For more information, contact the director of athletics or the head coach in the sport in which you are interested.

Shirley A. Wedge National Cheer and Dance Scholarship Fund

Application Deadlines: Varies

The Shirley A. Wedge National Cheer and Dance Scholarship fund has been providing scholarships to deserving cheer and dance athletes since 1988. In that time, we have awarded over $385,000 in college scholarships. To be eligible for a scholarship, cheerleading and dance athletes must compete at the COA Ultimate National Championship which is held each Easter at the Gaylord Palms Resort.

Kyle R. Magoto Scholarship Fund

Application Deadlines: March 22, Annually

To be eligible for an award from the Kyle R. Magoto Scholarship Fund, applicant must be a Russia High School (Shelby Co., Ohio) graduating senior who is pursuing an associate's or a bachelor's degree as a full-time student at an accredited educational institution, have a high school GPA not less than 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale and must have participated in no less than five (5) athletic seasons

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Improve your Study Skills for success in school, college or university


Formula for study success in whole life

One of the most important elements of college success is developing good study skills to meet the challenges presented by a new learning environment. Good study habits will make your life easier and will prepare you to excel in future endeavors, whether you are a high school freshman or a college senior.

Both the college application process and attending college will involve meeting a wide range of demands, from standardized tests to college essays. Understanding and meeting all these varied expectations can be challenging, but developing effective study skills will give you tools to help complete whatever tasks your educational career throws at you. The following are some of the study skills that we’ve found most effective. High school and college students will hopefully be well-served by practicing them.

Know why test or assignment

Your approach to each essay, test or other assignment will depend on who is giving the assignment and what its stated purpose is. Beyond having some rough idea of the genre in which you’re working (for example, having different approaches to papers for an English class versus a science class), be aware that specific professors and specific courses will have different requirements that you need to fulfill. When preparing to complete any assignment for a college course, it can be helpful to try to place it in the context of the course goals, as stated on the syllabus. What might the professor be trying to encourage you to learn or do with this task? Should you pay more attention to quality research or technically correct writing? These things are by no means universal and often come down to differences in teaching style and pet peeves for your individual instructors.

Even standardized tests come with different expectations. Tests like the ACT, SAT, GRE, and LSAT shouldn’t be approached blindly, even if you’ve taken every other standardized test under the sun. Knowing what the questions will look like and what the test purports to measure will help you complete it more successfully.

Know what you like?

Your study habits will be influenced by your past experiences and your natural inclinations. Perhaps you’re extremely laid back and easygoing, or perhaps you know yourself to be a chronic procrastinator. If any of these is the case, you may need to push yourself more than someone who naturally wants to complete all tasks immediately and accurately. However, perfectionists have their own problems; especially with making sure they don’t get lost in the details and can complete tasks on time while still balancing school and their personal lives. Regardless of your habits, be honest about your weaknesses and strengths and develop a plan to best work with them.

Get Organized (formula for life)

One of the most overlooked parts of attending college, financial aid is vital to those who need assistance affording a college education. Before taking out thousands in loans, students should submit a FAFSA (applications may be found at, complete a free college scholarship search, and visit a school financial aid office to find out about college-based assistance.


Prioritize everything

Sometimes, you just won’t be able to give every task the attention it deserves. This is when you will have to decide which assignments to focus the most attention on and which to put less time into or put on hold for now. There are any number of factors that can go into making this decision, depending on what your college goals are and what your goals are for that course.

Having some idea how to quantify how important each element of your life is to your grades and your goals is an important step in the process of prioritizing. For example, if you’re a high school senior applying to competitive schools that weigh standardized test scores heavily, you are going to want to clear your schedule for your SAT or ACT test day and make sure a large assignment or an outside activity doesn’t cut into your study time or sleep time before the test.

Balance & Sacrifice

For many students, the advantages of balancing work and college outweigh the stress and sacrifice that may come with keeping to a tight schedule and potentially tighter budget. Apart from earning money to lower your potential student loan debt and be able to feel less guilty about ordering out once in a while, you’ll learn earlier than most the responsibilities that come with being an adult. If you’re lucky enough to find a job that has ties in to your major, you could get a leg up on the rest of your class once you graduate because you’ll have more experience in your chosen field. If the job really is a typical college job – waitressing, working at a retail store, and stacking shelves at the campus bookstore – you’ll still be building a skill set that will come in handy post-college.

Balancing Work & study

For many students, it won’t be the intense new classes they’ll be taking once they set foot on campus at their intended school that will be the hardest transition to handle, but finding the time to make some money to pay for those expensive textbooks or college expenses – and a social life – that don’t come out of tuition fees. Whether your financial aid package included several hours of work study per week or you found an outside job full- or part-time to pay for those college expenses, it isn’t easy to master the art of time management when balancing work and college.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Three new freebies –Coffee, Toothpaste and Philadelphia Chocolate cream

Save more money with three new freebies:

1. Free Coffee on National Coffee Day Sep 29th

Free Coffee Link

2, Free Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste Sample

Sensitivity Challenge, you should receive your sample in the next few weeks

Free Toothpaste

3. Free Philadelphia Chocolate cream tub (check back on Sep 25th)

Caption This: Falling into Philly Chocolate

On Sept. 23, 25, 27, 30 and Oct. 2 and 4, we are giving away a FREE coupon for one (1) tub of Philadelphia Chocolate to the members who respond to the question in the morning's post. You must be registered as a member to participate. Here is more info:

When will those posts publish?

These particular posts will publish at 12 pm ET.

 How many coupons can I get?

There is a limit of one (1) coupon per member, Sept. 23–Oct. 4, 2013 inclusive.

How do I know if I qualified for a coupon?

If you were among the first 200 members to comment on a post published on Sept. 23, 25, 27, 30 and Oct. 2 and 4, you qualified for a coupon.

How do I receive my coupon?

This is the process by which you'll receive your free coupon:

(1) Real Women of Philadelphia will send an email to qualified members by Oct 11, 2013.

(2) In the email, members will receive a unique link taking them to The link is a one-time use only.

(3) Members will have to register on with their mailing info to claim their coupon.

(4) Members will receive a coupon by mail within 14 business days from the time of order. NOTE: The coupon is only being offered as "mail to home." Stay tuned for more opportunities to participate in fun giveaways

Free Philadelphia Chocolate cream tub

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Free and Printable TOEFL test Sample Questions with answers (Other Eng. Exams)


Free and New TOFEL Practice Test Sample Questions 2013-14

This is 18th part blog on Free TOEFL test Sample Practice Questions for 2013. In this part you will see questions related finding answers options to complete the sentences. These questions can be practice for other English related Practice Exams too.

Free TOEFL test Sample Practice Questions: Q 161-170

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

Q 161

The man denied all responsibility for the rumors ---- for some time.

A) to be circulating

B) have circulated

C) to being circulated

D) having been circulating

E) be circulated

Q 162

We think the project, ---- relies on everyone making an effort, will be successful.

A) what

B) that

C) for which

D) which

E) where

Q 163

He showed me round the town, ---- was very kind of him.

A) where

B) that

C) who

D) what

E) which

Q 164

Fraud detectives are investigating the company, three of ---- senior executives have already been arrested.

A) which

B) that

C) whose

D) what

E) whom

Q 165

I intentionally didn't have lunch ---- I would be hungry tonight.

A) so that

B) in case

C) hence

D) however

E) moreover

Q 166

We were unable to get funding and ---- had to abandon the project.

A) therefore

B) notwithstanding

C) however

D) since

E) providing

Q 167

You mustn't think that you can borrow it whenever you want to just ---- I'm lending you my dress for tonight.

A) due to

B) despite

C) yet

D) because

E) in case of

Q 168

She has denied her family and refused to have any contact with them, ----?

A) hasn't she

B) isn't it

C) doesn't she

D) did she

E) wasn't it

Q 169

When she ---- to boarding school, she felt as though her parents ---- her.

A) has been sent / have rejected

B) sent / had rejected

C) sent / rejected

D) was sent / had rejected

E) had been sent / have rejected

Q 170

By the time I ---- the job advertised, it ---- too late to apply.

A) see / has been

B) had seen / has been

C) have seen / was

D)would see / had been

E) saw/ was

Answers-Free TOEFL test Sample Practice Questions: Q 161-170

161. D

162. D

163. E

164. C

165. A

166. A

167. D

168. A

169. D

170. E

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