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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cyber Monday online Scams exposed (save money)


Tips to Escape Cyber Monday online Scams

Use your common sense to save your well-earned money on cyber Monday Dec 2nd 2013.

This is my 5th blog on this year Black Friday and cyber Monday. In this blog you will see how to Escape Cyber Monday Scams.

The frenzy of limited time offers, last minute sales and one-click shopping, it can be difficult to stay secure while you shop online, particularly on days like Cyber Monday. Last year, consumers spent about 1.5 billion dollars on Cyber Monday, up 16% from 2011. Industry experts predict this season will see even more growth. Coupled with the boom in sales is a predicted increase in the amount and severity of online scamming and data theft.

Cyber Monday online Scams exposed (save money)

1. Don't Click on Pop-up Ads

Though it may seem obvious, malicious pop-up ads still pose one of the largest threats to web shoppers. Research studies have shown that a large amount of consumers will click on the account regardless of its message. Be mindful of what pop-ups say, it could be evidence of a security threat.

2. Keep Software Up-To-Date

Though many systems automatically update your software as new features become available, it's important to keep your programs as current as possible. To avoid security holes, update apps and software minimally once weeks, as newer versions appear.

Cyber Monday online Scams exposed (save money)

3. Use Strong Passwords

An essential part of online security in any sense is using strong passwords. This means no birthdays, dog names or variations of "1234" for any of your accounts.

4. Install Antivirus and Anti-Spyware software

When shopping, you don't want others to be able to track what sites you're visiting and what information you're entering online. If you need help choosing, check out our guide here: 5 Best Free Antivirus Software Options.

5. Enable 'Timeouts' on Mobile

Experts think that more and more consumers are doing the bulk of their holiday shopping on mobile phones. If you're one of those consumers, make sure to enable a lock screen password, in case your device is lost or stolen. "If your phone isn't timed out, you're leaving the keys to your kingdom to whoever picks it up.

6. Use a Secure Connection

Expert recommends that any and all online financial transactions take place through a secure, private Wi-Fi connection, as opposed to using the more vulnerable free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop or library.

7. Avoid Email Advertisements

Your inbox is likely swarming with holiday promotions from your entire favorite (and likely least favorite) brands. To avoid being hacked, the CIS recommends you always enter the shop's URL in your browser, rather than following the links contained in an email.

Cyber Monday online Scams exposed (save money)

8. Shop at Companies You Know

Before you buy from a merchant on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay, check their rating and number of sales. Make sure they have good return policies and clearly posted contact information. If worried, you can always check on a business’s legitimacy through the Better Business Bureau.

9. Use Credit, Not Debit

There are more security protections on your credit card that may not exist while using your debit card, should your info be taken

10. Ensure Your Site Is Secure

If you are entering your financial information on a webpage, make sure the URL begins with "https" as opposed to "http" or has a lock in your browser's search bar.

11. Be Wary of Charity Sites

Though the holidays are frequently the most popular time to make donations to charity, consumers must check the legitimacy of your charity's website. Fraudulent sites pop up during disasters and holidays like clockwork. Be alert


12. Check Your Location and Privacy Settings

Many apps and websites will automatically share your GPS location by default. If your entire family is out of the house, broadcasting your location might not be the best idea. Sometimes, apps will change your settings once downloaded. Check what services your downloads have access to in your phone's privacy settings.

13. Check Your Statements Frequently

Expert thinks that, some hackers will do very low level theft once obtaining your information, charging small amounts to your credit card to avoid detection. Stay on top of your account statements and keep a record of how much you spend and where.

14. Add Browser Extensions and Security Apps

Pop-up blockers and malware detection extensions will add an extra layer to your security this season.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What to Buy, and What to Skip on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? (Savings)


Best time for getting good deals

This is my 4rth article on black Friday deals. I recently came through this article in web and was very happy to see that, When is the best time to shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday. On Black Friday, it’s easy to get roped into flashy door buster sales promising the lowest prices of the year. Cyber Monday is even more tantalizing, with retailers declaring it the last chance to score bargains as the clock ticks closer to the holiday season.

What to Buy, and What to Skip on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? (Savings)

Experts view on best time to get good deals / bargains

Best time for Televisions deals

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Neither. (Super Bowl Sunday)

When it comes to that big screen you’ve been imagining mounted on your wall, it might be best to wait it out. CEO Steve Schaffer told IBTimes that brand-name televisions, which are advertised by retailers during Black Friday to get people in their stores, are actually cheapest in February. “I wouldn’t buy name-brand TVs or electronics,” Schaffer said. “The best time to buy those is Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a little-known deal fact. It’s turned into the best day. I think I’ve bought two TVs myself on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the best price ever on particular TV sets.”

However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great days to find cheap DVDs or Blue-ray movies or boxed sets, Dealnews reported.

What to Buy, and What to Skip on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? (Savings)

Best Time to buy Video Games

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Both!

If you’re planning to finally buy that Xbox One or PlayStation 4 on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it’s best to do your research and buy the console in a bundle with games to get more bang for your buck.’s Schaffer told IBTimes that video game console “prices are going to fluctuate this entire holiday season.” He recommends dictating purchases based on the “different bundles with different games and packs” depending on what gaming system you want. For this, Black Friday or Cyber Monday are both ideal days to shop, if you find a bundle that suits your preferences. reported, though, when it comes to the Xbox One or PS4, buy as soon as possible because those newly-released consoles are in high demand and may sell out. IBTimes also culled some of the best video games deals from Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop and more for those seeking the perfect gift for a gamer.

Best Toys deals time

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Neither. (Dec. 8-14)

Santa has a long list of children to deliver presents to this holiday season, and what do most of them have on their lists? Toys. But according to Dealnews, to get the best deals on toys, “skip Black Friday and focus your toy-hunting efforts on the first two weeks of December.” The site recommended the week of December 8 to 14 as the best period for low prices on toys.

What to Buy, and What to Skip on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? (Savings)

Best time for Clothes deals

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday!

For apparel, Schaffer said “Cyber Monday is a better time to buy clothing because you’re going to find storewide sales and storewide offers.” He also recommended for those looking for designer clothing and luxury items to shop discount stores and outlets, which IBTimes outlined in a handy guide with the best store sales out there. One thing to note is that winter apparel will also be placed on clearance later in the season, around mid-January. So unless you absolutely have to have the item now, it could be best to wait for final clearance prices with end-of-the-season discounts.

Best deals for Home improvement, tools and supplies

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Neither. (Father’s Day)

Is your father or husband longing for a monogrammed wrench or new lawnmower to use when the snow clears? You might want to wait until the snowman melts, FatWallet told 24/7 Wall St. The shopping website said home improvement tools and supplies are much cheaper around Father’s Day in June, when consumers are looking for spring cleaning sales. The same goes for all supplies and products automotive, which are cheaper for Father’s Day. For gas grills, September is when outdoor cooking items are generally marked down to their lowest prices, as retailers begin clearing summer items for popular holiday items.

Best deals for Holiday décor

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Neither. (Dec. 26)

This comes as no surprise: It’s best to buy Christmas decorations after Christmas passes. Many retailers reduce décor from anywhere between 50 and 80 percent off beginning Dec. 26, Dealnews wrote, in an effort to clear their shelves. So, for the cheapest options, stock up on décor for next year, this year.

Best time for Fitness Equipment

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Neither. (January)

If you wanted to get a head start working off that Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham, you might as well wait until you’re obligated to make a New Year’s resolution. Gottadeal reported that fitness equipment is cheapest in January, when gyms are promoting membership deals and discounts.

Best time for Jewelry deals

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Neither. (Valentine’s Day)

It may be best to wait until February, because according to Dealnews, that’s the ideal time to get a deal on jewelry. The site noted that while there are discounts during the winter season for jewelry, Valentine’s Day is the cheapest for baubles.

Best Cookware, Appliances and Home Items deals

FINDING: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Both

If you’re planning to be the chef this holiday season, it’s a great time to buy cookware and appliances. Dealnews reported the entire month of November is best to buy pots and pans, small electronics and appliances. Mass retailers will also have a good amount of other home items such as furniture, bedding and décor on sale throughout November, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

For large home appliances, Investorplace wrote that many retailers will be offering free shipping to entice shoppers on Cyber Monday.


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Monday, November 25, 2013

Updated-All Hottest Black Friday Deals in one article



All Hottest Black Friday Deals in one article

This is my third blog on Black Friday sales. In the first blog we sew early preview. In the second article you saw some hottest deals form Best buy to Wal-Mart in US. In my current article you will see deals in Canada.



Walmart Canada Top Black Friday deals

This sale doesn’t go live until 12:01 AM on Friday, November 29! There's lots to see but the focus is mainly on electronics with discounts on HDTVs, video games, video game consoles, cameras, small appliances and more. Here's a look at some of the flyer highlights:

All Hottest Black Friday Deals in one article

Computers & Electronics

•LG 50LN5310 50" LED 120HZ HDTV - $598.00

•Samsung 46" UN46EH5000 1080p LED HDTV - $498.00

•RCA RLDE3258A 32" 720p LED TV - $168.00

•Philips 40PFL1708 40" LED HDTV - $298.00

•Lexar S70 32GB USB Jump drive - $12.88

Video Games

•Nintendo 2DS Console - $99.00

•Xbox 360 4GB - $129.00 Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 and PS3 - $39.00


•LEGO Fun with Bricks (600 pieces) - $20.00

•Disney Princess or Barbie Dolls - $5 each

All Hottest Black Friday Deals in one article

Source Canada top Black Friday deals

Canon Power shot

ELPH 320 HS black with case, black colour for JUST $99.96 (original price is $289.99 – save $190.03)

Staples top Black Friday deals

•Apple 13.3" MacBook Air Laptop with Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD - $899

•Microsoft Surface RT Tablet - $249

•Irico 40" 1080p LED HDTV - $288.88

•Xbox 360 4GB Console - $119.99

•Canon Rebel EOS T3i - $499.32

•Western Digital 1TB My Passport Portable Hard Drive - $59.97

•Innovative Technology Bluetooth Countertop Speaker - $19.98

•Innovative Technology Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Sound Bar - $39.98

•Kobo Touch e-Reader - $49.50

TigerDirect Top Black Friday deals

All Hottest Black Friday Deals in one article

•Intel Core i7-4770K Processor - $279.97

•Centon 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC - $10.97

•Centon 32GB Class 10 SDHC - $10.97

•Kingston Hyper X 120GB Solid State Drive - $84.97

•Seagate 4TB Internal Desktop Hard Drive - $149.97

•Refurbished Hisense 55" 120Hz Smart LED HDTV - $499.97

•Canon Image Class All in One Laser Printer - $88.88

•Aluratek Bump Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker - $9.97

•HannsG 24" LED Monitor - $99.99

•Western Digital 1TB USB 3.0 My Passport Portable Hard Drive - $59.97 After $10 Mail in Rebate

•Refurbished Lenovo 15.6" Notebook with Intel Core i5, 6GB RAM, 750GB Hard Drive, Windows 8 - $399.97

•Intel Core 15-3570K Unlocked Processor - $189.97

•Seagate 3TB Internal Hard Drive - $99.97

Lowe's Top Black Friday deals

•7.5' Pine Christmas Tree with 1000 Lights - $98

•Grill Master 3-Burner Propane Grill - $138

•DeWalt 20-Volt 1/2" Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill with Case - $118

•Chamberlain Standard 1/2-HP Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener - $89

•Ceramic Oscillating Heater - $19.98

•American Standard Mainstream Elongated Toilet - $99

•Canadiana 24" Two-Stage Snow Blower - $649

•DeWalt 18-Volt NiCad Cordless Compact Drill/Driver - $98

•DeWalt 3-1/2" Framing Nailer - $174

•DeWalt 18-Volt Impact Driver - $118

•DeWalt 34-Piece Impact Ready Accessory Set - $9.98

•Bostitch 28" Structural Foam Water-Resistant Toolbox - $24.98 – Top Black Friday deals

Lightning deals in Movie & TV, as well as the Black Friday section. Check out all the details below:

•NCIS: Season 1-10 Pack for $119.99

•Fringe: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray for $65.99 (or DVD for $45.99)

•The Longest Day: Two Disc Collector’s Edition for $7.99

•Harry Potter 8-Film Collection for $32.99 / $49.99

•… also available: American Horror Story: Season 1 and 2 on either DVD or Blu-Ray. Check here for pricing and more deals in Movie & TV.

Non-Movie & TV:

•Omega J8005 Commercial Single Gear Masticating Juicer for $189.99

•Hitachi 10″ Compound Miter Saw for $109.99 and with laser guide for $124.99

•Garmin GPSmap 62stc Handheld GPS Navigator for $299.99 (a great price for a great product – I have the old 60CSx which I still use, and I use for hiking, skiing, and all sorts of things.. this one normally goes for about $460 at reputable GPS retailers)

•Haier 24″ 720p HDTV for $99

Target Top Black Friday deals

•iPad Air 16GB - $499 plus a bonus $100 Gift Card

•iPad Mini 16GB - $299 plus a bonus $50 Gift Card

•Apple TV - $109 plus a bonus $20 Gift Card

•iPod touch 16GB 4th Generation - $129 (Reg. $199)

•Xbox 360 4GB -$129.99 (Reg. $199.99) plus a bonus $40 Target Gift Card

•46" Samsung Clear Motion Rate 120 1080p LED HDTV - $499.99 (Reg. $699.99)

•Sony Smart Blu-Ray Player - $49.99 (Reg. $84.99)

•PS3 DualShock Controller + Bonus Game - $34.99

•Select DVD Titles (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Just Go With It) - $2.50

•Easy-Bake Oven - $30 (Reg.$53.99)

•Select Family Board Games (Jenga, Twister, Battleship, Trouble, Taboo) -$9

•Traditional Media TV Stand With Storage - $99.99 (Reg. $169.99)

Sears Top Black Friday deals

Home & Garden:

•Malta Tight-Top Queen Size Sleep Set - $399.99

•Kenmore 5.3 cu. ft. Self-Clean Smooth-Top Range - $399.99

•Kenmore 18.5 cu. ft. Fridge with Bottom Freezer - $699.99

•Kenmore Laundry Pair (4.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer and 6.5 cu. ft. Dryer) - $599.99

•Kenmore HE Laundry Pair (4.4 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer and 7.5 cu. ft. Dryer) - $899.99

•Craftsman 20" 12-Amp Electric Snowthrower - $199.99

•Lagostina Pro-Clad 12-Piece 5-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set - $199.99

•Miele S2 Contour Plus Canister Vacuum $349.99

•Lagostina Hotel Pro Skillets 3-Pack - $39.99

•All Cuisinart and Heritage Cast-Iron Cookware - 70% off

•Wusthof Silverpoint 8-Piece Knife Block Set - $149.99


•All Men's, Women's, and Kids Boots - 50% off

•All Already-Reduced Footwear is an extra 30% off

•Haggar 2-Piece Suits - $99.99

•All Men's Outerwear - 60% off

In addition to the Black Friday deals, they've also got one-day only deals running all week!

•Thursday, November 28: Tassimo T-20 Single Serve Brewer - $49.99

•Friday, November 29: 50% off all Men's Dresswear, Dress Shirts and Ties plus 60% off the Noel Colorado 7.5' Pre-Lit Tree

•Saturday, November 30: 60% off all Women's Dresses and a Heys Hard-Sided 2-Piece Luggage Set for $137.49

•Sunday, December 1: Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium-Ion Compact Drill for $99.99

•Monday, December 2:$10 Kids Fashions and Sleepwear and a Pro Form Crosswalk 395 Treadmill for $389.99

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