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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free, new and Printable TOEFL test Sample practice Questions with answers


Free and New TOFEL Practice Test Sample Questions 2013-14

This is 20th part blog on Free TOEFL test Sample Practice Questions for 2013. In this part you will see questions related finding answers options to complete the sentences. These questions can be practice for other English related Practice Exams too.

Free, new and Printable TOEFL test Sample practice Questions with answers

Best of luck to all....................

New AND Free TOEFL English practice test- 181-190

Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences

Q 181

James was so busy ---- for the exam that he didn't have time ---- with his friends.

A) to study / to spend

B) having studied / spending

C) to be studying / being spent

D) being studied / spending

E) studying / to spend

Free, new and Printable TOEFL test Sample practice Questions with answers

Q 182

I never forget ---- my temper when my wife shouted at me, although now i regret ---- so.

A) to lose / doing

B) losing / having done

C) having lost / to do

D) to have lost / to have done

E) being lost / having been done

Free, new and Printable TOEFL test Sample practice Questions with answers

Q 183

The guitar is an instrument that ---- around since the 1500s, but it ---- several big transformations during its history.

A) had been / has undergone

B) was / underwent

C) has been / has undergone

D) would be / was undergoing

E) has been / undergoes

Q 184

When the tower ---- to the public a decade ago, officials said it ---- open again in just a few years.

A) closed / had been

B) was closed / has been

C) would be closed / would be

D) was closing / was

E) was closed / would be

Q 185

The notion of the state and the notion of war are said ---- in ancient Sumer and later Egypt.

A) to be emerged

B) to have emerged

C) having been emerged

D) being emerged

E) to emerge

Q 186

---- smoking can reduce the risk of ---- many smoking related illnesses.

A) To give up / being contracted

B) Giving up / contracting

C) To be given up / contracting

D) Giving up / to contract

E) Being given up / being contracted

Q 187

Heavy metal had its peak popularity in the 1980s, ---- many of the now existing sub-genres first evolved.

A) why

B) at which

C) where

D) that

E) during which

Q 188

Women's Aid is a UK charity ---- aim is to end domestic violence against women and children.

A) who

B) whose

C) which

D) what

E) whom

Q 189

You ---- what you heard as it was highly confidential.

A) must not have repeated

B) might not repeat

C) shouldn't have repeated

D) needn't be repeated

E) don't have to repeat

Q 190

Some people don't know ---- they're meeting their daily requirements through their diet.

A) which

B) why

C) where

D) whether or not

E) whatever

Answers-New AND Free TOEFL English practice test- 181-190

181. E

182. B

183. C

184. E

185. B

186. B

187. E

188. B

189. C

190. D

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Four new freebies-Free coffee, 2014 calendar, and holiday’s cards


Free 2014 calendars, holiday cards and Coffee

This is my new blog on getting freebies from web. In this blog post you will see new freebies which include free coffee, 2014 calendar, and holiday’s cards.

Free 2014 calendars

Free 2014 calendars

Free 2014 Calender

Free holiday greeting cards

Holiday greeting cards

  Don't shop for cards—save time and print ours. A variety of unique designs express the joy of the holiday season.

> Download your free 2014 holiday greeting cards

Free Cards

McDonalds: Free Small Coffee

Coffee lovers, mark your calendars: McDonald's is back with one of their free coffee events this month! From October 28 to November 3, you can head in to your local McDonald's to get a free small hot brewed coffee.

There's a limit of one free coffee per customer, per visit. Not valid on any other McCafe beverage or with Extra Value Meal or Value Picks offer

Free 2014 Telus Calendars Available Now

A long running and popular freebie is back for 2014! Right now you can now place your order for a free Telus 2014 Calendar. Historically, the calendars have been very stylish and attractive -- reminiscent of the Telus television commercials with lots of cute animals. Previously, this freebie has been available only to Telus customers, but this year, everyone is welcome to take part -- just check the box that says "I don't currently have any Telus services".

Free 2014 Calendar

Calendars take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive and the offer is only good while supplies last.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Free printable Guidelines for Submitting a Great Application for getting scholarship money


Great Application for getting scholarship money

This is my 8th blog on scholarships. In the first blog we saw how to get Free College Scholarship? The potential of winning a free college scholarship should be attainable for anyone who has the motivation to attend college, but needs financial aid. In the second blog we learn lowdown on college scholarships, grants, fellowships, loans and financial. In the third blog we see what the best sports scholarships. In the 4rth blog you will see tips to get financial aid for higher studies. In this blog you will see tips to Submitting a Great Application for getting scholarship.

Free printable Guidelines for Submitting a Great Application for getting scholarship money

1. Subject you like most (e g. nursing)

Only apply for an award if you actually have an interest in the subject matter. Your passion or disinterest will be reflected in your writing.

2. Research related website

Do the appropriate background work and find out exactly what a specific scholarship panel is looking for. Read the rules and regulations / terms and conditions.

Free printable Guidelines for Submitting a Great Application for getting scholarship money

3. Clarity of Thought

Be clear and concise. “How” you communicate is just as important as “what” you’re trying to communicate. Answer the essay question and only provide relevant information. Do not go over the word limit count.

4. Scholarship application essay is Not a Résumé

Your scholarship application essay is not a substitute for your résumé so don’t simply re-write your résumé in essay form. Don’t list, discuss! Expand on your personal experience and clearly articulate your goals.

Free printable Guidelines for Submitting a Great Application for getting scholarship money

5. Check your Structure, Spelling & Grammar in application

Be aware of proper essay structure. Always double-check your spelling & grammar and have someone proof read your work.

6. References

Ideally, references should be professionals at your school or organization who can vouch for your participation. Inform your references and make sure that their contact information is up to date. Assume that the scholarship administrator will check your references.

7. Complete All Requirements

Follow the instructions and make sure that you have collected and provided all the required materials. Making a checklist of all the elements will help.

8. Don’t Miss the Application Deadline

Apply early and don’t procrastinate. Give yourself plenty of time to fill out the application and to gather required documents (reference letters and transcripts)

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Free tips to avoid Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters AND roast a Low calories turkey


Avoid Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters AND roast a Low calories turkey

First of all I want to wish my blog readers a happy Thanksgiving Day. On occasion of this I want to share you with Low calories turkey recipe and some tips to avoid Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters.

Evade Problems in the First Place

avoid Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters AND roast a Low calories turkey
Here's the best piece of advice we can share to ensure your Thanksgiving dinner is a success: Plan. (Or more specifically, plan, plan and then double-check your plan.) Two weeks beforehand, plan the menu. From there, assemble all your recipes. Then, make a shopping list.

avoid Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters AND roast a Low calories turkey

Make as much ahead as you can. Plot out your cooking activities for the big day and—most importantly—the day before. Make yourself an hour-by-hour agenda that includes prep and cooking time for every recipe. What can be made ahead? Pies and cranberry sauce, for instance, can be completely prepared and baked the day before. Chop any vegetables for your stuffing, seal them in plastic bags (better than containers when space is at a premium) and refrigerate. If you're making stuffing with fresh breadcrumbs, prep those on Wednesday.

avoid Thanksgiving Cooking Disasters AND roast a Low calories turkey
Give the turkey a head-start. You can roast the turkey earlier and keep it nicely warm for up to an hour: Remove the roasting pan from the oven and transfer the bird to a big platter or tray. Wrap very tightly with foil, and then cover with a heavy bath towel until you're ready to carve and eat.

Whether you're a veteran of Thanksgiving meal preparation or this is your first big feast, here's one more sanity saver: Ask for help. Graciously accept any offers from friends or family members who want to contribute a dish to the meal. And when guests arrive on the holiday, don't hesitate to put folks to work in the kitchen. That's where people will want to hang out, anyway.


Common Thanksgiving Mishaps (and How to Fix Them)

So, despite your best planning, you run into a kitchen problem on Thanksgiving Day (we won't call it a disaster). Here's how to resolve some common issues.

1. The sliced turkey is very dry!

The key to avoiding dry turkey is in the preparation. Many home cooks prefer to brine the whole turkey before roasting (this involves soaking the bird in a solution of water, salt, herbs and spices for several hours or overnight). Others soak a large piece of cheesecloth in melted butter and drape that over the bird. Roasting a stuffed turkey can also cause dryness. Whichever cooking method you choose, follow your recipe or directions carefully, and don't over-cook. Use a meat thermometer to check for doneness: the temperature should be 180 degrees when you insert the thermometer deep into the thigh.

2. The pie crust is browning too quickly

Use foil to cover the crust only. For a 9-inch pie, cut roughly 10-inch circle of foil. Fold the circle in half, and then cut out the center, yielding a 3-inch-wide ring of foil. Place that ring over the crust and continue baking.

3. The gravy is lumpy

Pour the gravy through a fine mesh strainer to remove any clumps of flour or cornstarch.

4. The potatoes are done too early

This one's easy. Go ahead and finish preparing the mashed potatoes. Transfer them to a greased baking dish, dot them with butter and cover tightly with foil. They can be kept warm (or later re-warmed) in a 325 degree oven for about 30 minutes.

If your turkey still winds up a bit on the dry side, then heat up about 1 cup of chicken stock or broth, pour that over the sliced meat in a baking dish and wrap tightly with foil. Warm the moistened turkey in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.

What is final piece of advice for everyone?

Just Relax. No one at your holiday table will go hungry

How to roast a Low calories turkey

Tasty way to cut the calories, not the tradition of roasting turkey

Ingredients needed

1 Whole Turkey (12 pounds)

3/4 cup olive oil

2 tablespoons garlic powder

2 teaspoons dried basil

1 teaspoon ground sage

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

2 cups water

How to prepare low fat turkey



Amount per Serving

Calories: 203.4

Total Fat: 12.5 g

Cholesterol: 43.0 mg

Sodium: 1,155.5 mg

Total Carbs: 5.1 g

Dietary Fiber: 0.6 g

Protein: 17.3 g

1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). Clean turkey and place into a roasting pan with a lid.

2. In a small bowl, combine olive oil, garlic powder, dried basil, ground sage, salt and black pepper. Using a basting brush apply the mixture to the outside of the uncooked turkey. Pour water into the bottom of the pan and cover with the lid.

3. Bake for 3 to 3.5 hours or until the internal temperature of the thickest part of the thigh measures 180 degrees F (82 degrees C).

4. Remove bird from oven and allow standing for about 30 minutes before carving.

Makes 15 servings

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free and Printable SAT test Sample Questions with Answers-XVII


Free and Printable SAT test Sample Questions with Answers

This is 17th part of my blog for doing excellent in SAT exam. You can prepare for this exam by testing some free test questions. Make sure you first print the answers. In this part of blog you will see SAT Practice Questions in English

New AND Free SAT English practice test- 207-216

Free and Printable SAT test Sample Questions with Answers-

Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences

Q 207

Regarded as the worlds ----linguistic theorist, Noam Chomsky continues to create new theories about language and language learning.

A) abundant

B) hostile

C) resentful

D) abusive

E) foremost

Free and Printable SAT test Sample Questions with Answers-

Q 208

Many ---- craft objects are less functional than the ones in the past.

A) repetitive

B) contemporary

C) massive

D) rational

E) sincere

Free and Printable SAT test Sample Questions with Answers-

Q 209

Unlike fossil fuels, which can be used only once, wind and solar power are ---- sources of energy.

A) renewable

B) mutual

C) random

D) virtual

E) relevant

Q 210

With age, the mineral content of human bones decreases, thereby making them more ----.

A) Intimate

B) deliberate

C) concurrent

D) diverse

E) fragile

Q 211

The knee is more likely to be damaged than most other joints because it is subject to tremendous forces during ---- activity.

A) vague

B) hospitable

C) vigorous

D) liable

E) vertical

Q 212

Jupiter has no solid surface and is surrounded by zones of ---- radiation.

A) intense

B) coward

C) manual

D) immoral

E) shallow

Q 213

So me have a very ---- sense of hearing, although most do not hear sounds audible to the human ear.

A) defensive

B) sparse

C) dismissive

D) keen

E) secular

Q 214

Giant pandas resemble bears in shape and in the slow ---- way they walk.

A) clumsy

B) bitter

C) portable

D) customary

E) tender

Q 215

Wherever there is plenty of rain during the growing season, life is ---- in various forms.

A) punctual

B) superficial

C) loose

D) irritable

E) abundant

Q 216

Bacteria living in the soil play a(n)---- role in recycling the carbon and nitrogen needed by plants.

A) envious

B) domestic

C) mature

D) vital

E) respective

Answers Key-New AND Free SAT English practice test- 207-216

206. E

207. B

209. A

210. E

211. C

212. A

213. D

214. A

215. E

216. D

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Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Celebrate Halloween 2013 on budget (frugal way)


Celebrate Halloween 2013 on budget

This is my second blog on Halloween 2013. In this blog you will find how to enjoy Halloween 2013 on low budget.

Celebrate Halloween 2013 on budget

Here are some easy and free ideas to enjoy Halloween 2013 on low low budget.

1. Use Coupon for Halloween 2013 purchases

You should never purchase Halloween candy or treat for that matter without a manufacturer’s coupon discount. Match the coupon discount with a sale or in store special for double savings. Now is the time to look for go to these companies website Hershey, Nestle, Wrigley, Cadbury to get money saving coupons.

You can also find some coupon in amazon website.

Celebrate Halloween 2013 on budget

a) Wendy Halloween coupon

Wendy’s is now offering its Halloween Coupon Books for 2013. For $1, get a booklet of 10 coupons for free Junior Frosty, which will be valid from November 1, 2012, to February 1, 2013, at Wendy’s.

These make a great treat for your special trick-or-treaters, grandkids, nieces/nephews and just to have around the house for a wintry treat. Plus, 90 cents of every $1 coupon book sold will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

B) Use Amazon coupon to buy

Daily deals and special offers

1. Today deals - Gold box

2. Digital products - Ebooks, Android apps, Music deals

3. Amazon coupons page (can applied for exact products listed only)

4. Used products cheaper with Warehouse deals

Celebrate Halloween 2013 on budget

c) McDonald’s Halloween Treat Pack Coupons 2013 Are Available

The McDonald’s Halloween Treat Pack Coupons are available for purchase! Check your local store to see if they are participating. The cost is $1.00 and you get (12) coupons. Four of each – FREE Apple Slices, Free Hamburger, Free Apple Juice Box or White Milk Jug and FREE ice-cream cone. They are for children 12 and under and you can redeem them November 1 – December 21, 2013. One per child visit. You can use them in the drive thru! I love these for after school snacks or special treats!

2. Cheap Cheesecloth Ghost decorations

This is a fun Halloween Craft for adults or older children. It can become a fun centerpiece or hanging decoration.

Supplies: Cheesecloth (can be purchased at Lowe’s), aluminum foil, sugar, warm water, quart jars, mixing bowls, spoons, squiggly eyes, hot glue gun, black ribbon.

Cut cheesecloth large enough to drape over a quart jar. It is suggested to use 2-4 layers per ghost for best results.

Place heavy-duty foil over a quart jar to make a ghost form.

Mix 2 cups warm water and 1 cup granulated sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Soak the cut cheese cloth pieces in the sugar mixture.

Squeeze excess sugar – water out of the cloth.

Drape the cheesecloth over the ghost form, and keep layering until you use all the pieces

Dry the “ghost” for 24 hours or until it’s completely dry. Remove from the form.

Add squiggly eyes and a ribbon with a hot glue gun

3. Cheap Paper Pumpkin decorations

This is a super fun and frugal craft to do with the kids.

Supplies: 2 pieces of orange paper, 1 piece of black construction paper, 1 piece of green construction paper, glue, yarn, scissors, 1 piece of white paper

Fold the 2 pieces of orange paper into a fan (accordion fold lengthwise). Glue together to create a circle. Use paper clips to hold ends while they dry. Cut out 2 white circles for eyes. Cut out black eyes, nose and mouth. Cut out a green stem. Glue all to the circle to create a pumpkin. Hole punch the top (behind the stem) and add yarn for hanging. Remove paper clips once dry.

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