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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Tips to do well In Passing Wonderlic Personnel Test or other Exams

Free Tips to do well In Wonderlic Personnel Test or other Exams

Welcome to my new blog on saving and making money. In this blog you find some neat ideas to save money and do well in career. In my first post I will publish the New Tips to do well In Wonderlic Personnel Test or other Exams.

These tips you can also used other exaams

What is Wonderlic Personnel Test?

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test is a short-form measure of basic verbal and quantitative skills that is designed to assess work-readiness for entry-level jobs. By selecting individuals who have the ability to handle the requirements of the job or program, training time and turnover can be reduced. This basic skills test is useful for positions where job duties include mathematical calculations, written or oral communication skills.

Secrets of the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test Study Guide: WBST Exam Review for the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

Verbal areas evaluated include:

•General Educational Development (GED) Level
•Word Knowledge
•Sentence Construction
•Information Retrieval
Quantitative areas evaluated include:

•General Educational Development (GED) level
•Explicit Quantitative Skills
•Applied Quantitative Skills
•Interpretive Quantitative Skills

The Wonderlic Personnel Test contains 50 questions that increase in difficulty and must be completed within 12 minutes. It contains various types of questions that must be completed without the aid of a calculator or other problem-solving device. The questions include word comparisons, disarranged sentences, sentence parallelism, following directions, number comparisons, number series, analysis of geometric figures and story problems requiring either mathematics or logic solutions.

Tips on Preparing for the test

1.Find Location

Determine the exact location, date, and time of the test

 2. Vocabulary

Review vocabulary skills and logic

3. Timed Practice

Practice taking tests, under timed conditions, to become more accustomed to time pressures.

4. Basic Math

Review basic math skills such as the use of fractions and decimals; algebra and basic math problems

5. Do not Rush

Arrive in plenty of time so that you do not feel rushed or overly stressed. You will not be admitted to the testing room once the testing session is in progress.

6. Identification

Bring a photo ID card, your applicant number with you at the testing session.

7. Instructions

Read the instructions thoroughly and completely before you begin.

8. Answer all questions

It is unlikely that you will finish the test but try to answer as many questions as you can. You are given 1 point for each correct answer and you do not lose any points for incorrect answers.

9. Proper Question Understanding

Read the question thoroughly. Make sure you understand what the question is asking before answering.

10 Law Of eliminations

Try to determine an answer before you look at the choices, if there are any, but make sure you read all of the choices before identifying a final answer. If you are not sure of the answer, eliminate those that do not apply first. From the remaining responses, make your choice. If you are uncertain, take your best guess. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.

11. Answers in proper brackets

Make sure that you write your answers in the brackets as indicated on your test sheet. Answers that are not in the brackets provided will be considered incorrect.

12. Work Fast

Work quickly and do not spend too much time on one question. If you are undecided after reviewing the answers, move to the next question. When you have finished, return to the questions you skipped.

13. More Review

Review your work if you have finished the exercise before the time limit. This is time well spent.

14. Avoid Discussing or sharing its content

Since the Wonderlic Personnel Test is a standardized assessment tool, you are not allowed to discuss or share its content. Failure to comply with this regulation and/or engaging in a fraudulent practice will result in disciplinary action.

The test itself consists of 50 questions that the participant is allowed 12 minutes to answer.  The resulting number of correct answers corresponds to an intelligence quotient.  Specifically, 21, considered an average score, is equivalent to the average IQ of 100.  Higher scoring applicants are supposed to learn more rapidly, master more complex material, and exercise better judgment while lower scoring applicants tend to require more time, detailed task instruction, and less challenging job routines.  25 is the average score for quarterbacks and offensive linemen. Other positions average about a 20.

A breakdown of the scoring looks like this:

50= highest possible score, superior intelligence
21= average intelligence
14= equivalent to unskilled worker
Below 14= moron

Sample Wonderlic Test Questions for practice

Question 1.

Look at the row of numbers below. What number should come next?

1 6 8 4 2 1 ½ ?

Question 2.

Assume the first 2 statements are true. Is the final one?

3.not certain?

The boy plays baseball. All baseball players wear hats. The boy wears a hat.

Question 3

 Paper sells for 41 cents per pad. What will 3 pads cost?

Question 4.

How many of the five pairs of items listed below are exact duplicates?

Nieman, K.M Neiman, K.M
Thomas, G.K Thomas, G.K
Hoff, J.P. Hoff, J.P.
Pino, L.R. Pina, L.R.
Warner, T.S Wanner, T.S

Question 5

 PRESENT PRESERVE -- Do these words

1.Have similar meanings
2.Have contradictory meanings
3.Mean neither the same nor opposite?

Question 6.

One of the numbered figures in the following drawing is most different from the others. What is the number in that figure?

Question 7.

A train travels 20 feet in 1/5 second. At this same speed, how many feet will it travels in six seconds?

Question 8.

When rope is selling at $.10 a foot, how many feet can you buy for sixty cents?

Question 9.

The sixth month of the year is


Question 10.

Which number in the following group of numbers represents the smallest amount?

7, 8, 31, .33, .22

Question 11.In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The article is allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in smaller type?

Question 12.

The hours of daylight and darkness in SEPTEMBER are nearest equal to the hours of daylight and darkness in:


Question 13.

Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide the profits equally. X invests $9,000, Y invests $7,000, and Z invests $4,000. If the profits are $4,800, how much less does X receive than if the profits were divided in proportion to the amount invested?

Question 14.

Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one?

1. true
2. false
3. not certain?

Tom greeted Beth. Beth greeted Dawn. Tom did not greet Dawn.

Question 15.

A boy is 17 years old and his sister is twice as old. When the boy is 23 years old, what will be the age of his sister?

Answers Key:


2. True

3. $1.23




7.600 feet

8.6 feet

9. June



12. March

13. $560.00

14. Not certain

15.40 years old



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